All we can say is wow. In LA? Check out Persephone.   By Jill Singer- click on the image for more info.

Ben Medansky sculptural ceramic planters

This was a stellar year in film- not just in December, as usual, but the whole year.  Vanity Fair recaps some performances that may unfortunately miss a nomination, which of course we want to highlight because we always root for the indie (under) dog.  


Now representing more than 20,000 brands, Not Just a Label has established its first offline presence in the States — an NYC-centric store and workshop series, which will open at the Waldorf Astoria hotel on Friday.  Read more at the New York Times

Finally- Tasteful e-commerce flowers arrangements that don't cost a fortune. Buh-bye FTD and Proflowers. Read more about Christina Stembel's brilliant company here .

A new Bulgari exhibit in NYC explores the fabulous gifts the diva gave to friends to help remember, "the glamour of it all."  Click below for more info:

In honor of National Poetry Day we thought we would present a collection of favorite poems, curated by our favorite author, who writes literature with a beautiful, poetic voice.  Check out  Written On The  Body or Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and you'll be hooked on Jeannette.  Click below for some of her favorite poems:


One more thing to love about Barcelona.  Check out more of her work by clicking on the image below.

Yolanda Dorda - Empty Kingdom - Art Blog

Click below to be visually seduced.